After making playlists on Spotify of “obscure” music to play at work: Ten In the Swear Jar, Fuck Buttons, Vortex Rikers I come to the realization that it can’t be that obscure if it’s on Spotify motherfucker.

I just excepted this job to demo new ultrabooks at Walmart and it paysss bank. So stoked for that paycheck bro. Plus I get to talk to people about computers which for me isn’t really work.


does anyone else remember when Diplo was a terrible DJ back in like 2006? His mixes were so weak back then and the only reason my friends and I knew who he was was because he spun interesting music and everyone had a bad case of omgz phillyz represenz yo. Further more I really feel like blasting Dream Boat at work but I have a feeling everyone would be offended by it.


if u put earbuds in your mouth and cover your ears, you can hear the music inside your body. if u do this while listening to something like kraftwerk then you are in for a treat.

after like a year of ignoring/scoffing at Grimes I’m finally listening to her album. The record actually isn’t that bad and now I kinda feel like a dick for thinking I was too cool for it.

I’m channeling my inner alt high school girl who thinks going to summer music festivals and snorting bath salts is an idea of fun.

I took nyquil tonight for the first time in like 2yrs. I feel like I just opened a door that leads to a long long road. Old friend.